Research and Innovation and affordable pricing are the pillars of Veos Pharma foundation with the aim to improve the care experience of patients and make products affordable to them.

Veos Pharma thrives to make available innovative products and solutions within everyone's reach.  Veos Pharma portfolio is broad, covering Ophthalmology, Nasal Conditions and General Health for adults and pediatrics.

Veos Pharma

Veos Pharma is building a strong position nonprescription Ophthalmology and Nasal products thanks to the large number (40) currently in development

Veos Pharma’s

ophthalmology expertise includes a wide range of ocular health products: single-dose, multi-dose, preservative free formulations using state of the art devices, some of them also suitable for contact lenses wearers.

Veos Pharma

is investigating several different therapeutic indications in the ophthalmology area, with the aim of improving eye health and enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

Veos Pharma’s

nasal expertise includes a wide range of nasal spray products: adult and pediatric, preservative free formulations using state of the art devices, for adults and for the sensitive noses of children.

The nose is your first line of defense as it is a highly effective filter for your body. It filters through over 15,000 liters of air a day with the goal of trapping all that dust, pollution, and allergens, looking to enter your body through your nasal passages. If the nasal passage dries out or is clogged, it cannot be as efficient when performing its crucial role in keeping you healthy. That is where nasal hygiene comes in. Ensuring that the nose is clean, clear, and moisturized can help ensure the nose remains in top working condition to help defend against the airborne contaminants you breathe in. It helps to prevent the onset of symptoms and reduce the risk of further problems occurring.

Veos Pharma nasal products aim at keeping your nose in great shape to optimally function and protect you and therefore improving yours and your loved one breathing and quality of life.